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Corporate Work

Supporting your employees

All workshops and consultations can take place online on in person for London offices.

Are your employees in need of a boost? Whether it's energy levels or stress management, nutritional therapy can help.

Serena Coan Nutrition provides workshops and nutrition MOTs to help employers give their staff a little more support so everyone can perform their best.

Get in touch below to see how this can help your employees.


"Serena presented us with a fantastic lunch and learn, covering the importance of nutrition and positive lifestyle influences on how we respond to stress and some actionable tips to really improve our state of mind. Serena’s talk was engaging and I can't recommend her highly enough!"


"Serena's workshop was incredibly insightful. I particularly enjoyed how interactive the session was. Our teams were able to get answers to any of their questions around gut-health and nutrition. Everyone at Tailify loved this tailored approach as well as Serena's expertise and overall positive, bubbly energy. Would highly recommend!"


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