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One-to-One Consultations

Let's work together

Consultations can take place online or in Crouch End N8, London.

Essential Programme

This includes:
1 x Initial Consultation via zoom (1 hour)
1 x Follow Up appointment via zoom (45 minutes)

1 x Check In Call (15 minutes)
Initial consultation includes:
Reviewing an nutritional therapy questionnaire, food diary, medical history and health goals.

Serena will work with you to create an achievable and personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you. This may include supplement and testing recommendations depending on your goals.

Following your consultation this bespoke plan will be emailed to you along with recipes and any information that may support your journey.
Follow up appointments include:
Reviewing your progress with the plan, discussing any changes to your goal or circumstances and adapting the programme to suit your needs.
Analysis of tests and evaluation of recommended supplements.
Following this consultation you will be emailed with an updated nutrition and lifestyle plan to guide you moving forward.

Consultations are ideally spaced 4 weeks apart, with a check in call at the half-way point to answer any questions or offer any support you may need at this stage.

This package is ideal for those who want to kickstart their journey towards their health goals without committing to ongoing support.

From £250

Advanced Programme

This includes:
1 x Initial Consultation via zoom (1 hour)
2 x Follow Up appointments monthly via zoom (45 minutes)

2 x Check In Calls monthly (15 minutes)

This package is ideal for those with deeper rooted health goals and wish to dedicate a longer period of time to achieving them.

From £350

VIP Programme

This includes:

1 x Initial Consultation via zoom (1 hour) 

Weekly 45 minute consultations

Are you seeking additional support to combat your health concerns? This programme allows us to work closely together, keeping on top of all symptom changes and ensuring you reach optimal health in the best way.

Price varies depending on length of programme, minimum 10 weeks starting at £950

Diet and Lifestyle Analysis

Not ready to dive in just yet?

This is a 90 minute consultation where we analyse your diet and lifestyle, providing key strategies you can implement going forward. If you decide you'd like further support this can be put towards a more intensive programme of your choice.

From £200

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